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After working for about 10 years as a Designer and Art Director in severals Agencies in Paris, I finally decided to bring my knowledges and skills in much bigger IT Projects to create and upgrade software and computering system. As a Software Engineer and still Designer I keep creating system and user navigation experiences to make it smart, efficient and user friendly.

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Fer-Harry - Metals Recycling

Fer-Harry is a center specializing in industrial demolition, recycling steel structure and removal of metal. Active mainly in industry, Fer-Harry also provides solutions to individuals wishing to get rid of metal structures (hangars, buildings ...) but also by making the recovery of vehicles (cars , trucks, motorcycles , scooters ... ) and other rolling car wrecks or not rolling. With the increasing concurrency, the firm had to stand out from the competition with a new communication campaign.

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Fact Madagascar - Federation of associations

I recently be contacted by the association FACT Madagascar, a federation of associations of French Solidarity with Madagascar.FACT Madagascar brings to these member associations the technical support necessary to the exercise of all of their administration , management , communication , production and project management , fundraising...

With the success, the federation is Growing and Needs to have a communication to gather member associations. So they called me to give them a strong and modern communication starting with a logo.

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Snap & Go - Fabulous Garden

During two years I directed the whole communication of Fabulous Garden and mainly Snap & Go concept (printed communication, website, photography, events, mobile application, introduction film...) I helped the brand to develop itself on the european market

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Work Experience

Software Engineer JAVA/JEE & UX Designer - Netapsys (2014 - Present)

Netapsys is a software engineering firm specializing in new technologies, business intelligence solutions , Content Management, Collaborative , e -business , e- commerce and Mobility.Netapsys designs, develops and maintains software applications and customized information systems based on advanced technologies. As a software engineer JAVA/JEE I work on the health Pole to develop and upgrade applications for the french government.

Co-Founder & Artistic Project Manager - Les Studios [k] (2011 - 2014)

Creative agency, consultancy and communications strategy, Studios [k] is a young and dynamic structure that focuses on interactive media and web technologies to change graphics and multimedia. With many years of expertise in areas as diverse as photography, publishing, multimedia and video, Studios [k] is now able to respond to a wide and so, most accurate, offer !

Art Director - Kiss (2011 - 2012)

Direct Marketing Agency , Kiss (for Keep It Simple & Smart) is a young dynamic company Specialized in banks and insurances communication. Kiss has managed over time to retain most of the greatest French institutions such as Credit du Nord , Credit Agricole, Macif or Société Générale... In the creative studio, I developed marketing campains and creative concepts for brands, banks or insurances.

Co-Founder & Project Manager - Un Ciel Sans Nuage (2008 - 2010)

Un ciel sans nuage is an artist collective I founded in 2008 with friends to invest our knowledge and creativity in a common project. With an open minded and relaxed spirit we developed a micro-society and provide a large variety of communication tools (Publishing, website, web content multimedia, video branding communications, consulting, strategy... ) Within this structure, I have invested my skills as an art director and project manager and heavily involved in the strategic development of the collective.

Junior Art Director - Manitoba (2007 - 2009)

B2B communications agency, Manitoba-Praxis is mainly concentrated on agriculture and paramedical sector (but not only ...). With a varied and complementary skills of the different graphic designers inside, Manitoba can respond to any request with a hight level of quality and creativity ! Within the creative team, I work create communication products (web / print ...) and also participates to the creative research.

Graphic Designer - Les Argonautes / Pegasis (2006 - 2007)

Les Argonautes is a french creative agency, but also a dynamic group comprising subsidiaries MediaActus & Pegasis that working closely together to provide to their customers technical solutions and communication products. I worked within the graphic laboratory of the agency and involve myself in the development of creative concept and communication tools as websites, posters, animations...